Standing in a Field in Cheshire

by Feb 23, 2018News

It was a sunny afternoon in Nantwich when I found myself filming a demonstration of something that really shouldn’t be there – a wheelchair. I remember the terrain of the field being quite rough, not only pot-holed but muddy as well, yet the driver of this wheelchair navigated across it like it was nothing, all because of the distinctive way it was made.

You see, this wasn’t any wheelchair, this was Mountain Trike, a unique all terrain manual wheelchair. Designed as part of his Masters Degree in Engineering, Tim Morgan sought to make the outdoors as accessible to wheelchair users as they are to everyone else. With a little help from our client, he’d not only made his product and brought it to market, but made it immensely reliable.

It was impossible to not be inspired by his selflessness, and it goes to show that inspiring stories can be found anywhere, like when standing in a field in Cheshire.